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    What is the Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council?

    Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council is responsible for transportation planning in the Wenatchee Valley urban area. WVTC works with local communities to develop transportation plans that meet the region's projected economic and population growth looking 20 years into the future, and builds regional consensus about priorities to guide future transportation funding and land use planning decisions by WSDOT, Link Transit, our local cities and counties, and others. 

    Why Plan for Transportation as a Region?
    Transportation is a basic, but fundamental part of our personal and business lives. For most of us, daily travel on our roads, highways, buses and bicycle routes will cross municipal boundaries. The challenges presented by regional mobility, traffic congestion and freight mobility are best solved through regional cooperation. WVTC is governed by locally elected and appointed public officials, representing:

    · City of Wenatchee (Mayor Frank Kuntz)
    · City of East Wenatchee (Mayor Steve Lacy)
    · City of Rock Island (Mayor Russell Clark)
    · Chelan County (Commissioner Keith Goehner)
    · Douglas County (Commissioner Ken Stanton)
    · LINK Transit (Richard DeRock, General Manager)
    · Port of Chelan County (Commissioner Mike Mackey)
    · Port of Douglas County (Commissioner Mark Spurgeon)
    · WSDOT (Dan Sarles, Regional Administrator)

    Click on the Unified Planning Work Program and Budget to learn about current planning activities. The Unified Planning Work Program Annual Report gives a summary of the work that was accomplished during the 2012/2013 state fiscal year.
    WVTC also provides transportation planning services to the North Central Washington Transportation Planning Organization (NCRTPO), a partner entity responsible for regional transportation planning across the combined the rural areas of Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties.